a man monitoring his digital security system from his smartphone
1. Superior Video Resolution and Viewing angles

Digital video cameras offer higher resolution video and wider viewing angles than analog cameras. Digital cameras have viewing angles 3-4 times greater than their analog counterparts. Most digital surveillance cameras record in at least 720p or 1080p, while analog cameras can only record close to 480p. 720p is twice as detailed as 480p, while 1080p is 4 times as detailed.  This is a tremendous advantage when seeking charges against thieves, vandals, and other malicious actors.

2. Superior Storage and Remote Access

Digital Cameras record video to a digital video recorder (DVR). That storage can be expanded with external hard drives to enable weeks or months of recorded footage. This also allows you to choose the format it records in and choose a method of video compression. Drastically improving the amount of data that can be stored while also being customizable to your situation. All the recordings and live feeds are available to view on your private network, no matter you or your security team’s location. You can even customize multiple digital feeds to be viewed simultaneously.

3. Scalability and Price Efficiency

Digital cameras are much faster and cheaper to install than analog cameras. There are fewer cables to be routed, which means faster installations. One of the cables that do not need to be routed is a power cable since digital cameras receive power over ethernet (POE). This means that additional digital cameras seamlessly be integrated into the system in the future as your coverage area increases. As mentioned earlier, digital cameras have viewing angles 3-4 times greater than analog cameras. This cuts down on the total number of cameras needed to cover vulnerable areas.

4. Superior Management Software

By utilizing powerful management software, you can customize events, movement patterns, or specific behaviors that the system will look for. Even a specific location on the video feed can be assigned for analysis.  When one of these events are triggered, the system will alert you and/or your security team where, when and what event was triggered. These alerts can come in the form of texts or emails. This can free up security personnel from having to watch the camera every minute. These alerts will make timestamps in the recordings, which severely increases the speed at which you can review all recordings. Additionally, this software can be customized to track events and negative behaviors among employees. Analog cameras simply do not have access to this capability.

The superior quality of surveillance, efficiency, and accessibility are strong factors that motivate many businesses to install digital surveillance systems every day. If you or your business is ready for a professional digital surveillance system that works from the start, Gremlin Control can set you up.
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