woman in red shirt sitting at a table drinking coffee while using smartphone Most businesses can benefit from having guest Wi-Fi. Having access to Wi-Fi helps your customers make purchasing decisions in your establishment, instead of your competitors. Guest Wi-Fi can also be utilized to collect key contact details and customer insights.

I am sure everyone has walked into a store and saw something they wanted but wanted to research it first. Weeks later, you find that it slipped your mind even to do the research! These missed opportunities happen all the time, but their number can be minimized with guest Wi-Fi. Additionally, Wi-Fi is a comfort that bolsters a positive customer experience that keeps them coming back.

It is not enough to offer guest Wi-Fi. It needs to be secure for the integrity of your business and customers. Whether unintentionally or maliciously, a guest could access or download everything from the morally questionable to the outright illegal or harmful. By taking proactive measures to mitigate these dangers, you can reap the benefits of having secure guest Wi-Fi.
Update your hardware and software

Every day bad actors are finding new vulnerabilities in networks. Having the most up to date security is the first important step to having a secure network. Firmware should be scheduled monthly to be updated on all network equipment. At a minimum, your router needs it to support WPA2 or WPA3 encryption. WPS is just too old and vulnerable to be reliable.
Segment and Manage your Network

Separating your internal network resources from the guest network is critical. Guest users should not have access to confidential files/resources or affect the speed that your own employees can access said files/resources. Creating a firewall or separate VLAN’s accomplishes this in an easily manageable way. By doing this, it allows you to further manage your networks with content filtering. You can block any number of websites from being accessed in the first place. You could even limit accessible sites down to only yours! You can choose to use cloud-based filtering to negate having to purchase more equipment while being scalable and instantly updatable. As a final measure, make sure to disable admin access on guest networks.
Change Passwords and SSIDs

Changing passwords to be strong and unique is nothing new, but time-tested advice. Something not as obvious is to change your network’s SSIDs. It should be clear which networks are yours. By naming them with your respective business name, guests know which networks they should connect to. You can post signs with your network’s name and password around your business. By doing this, you can prevent bad actors from spoofing your network to lure in your guests.
While changing passwords and network names may be simple enough, that is where the simplicity ends. Network design, new network equipment installation, network management, and network maintenance are tough to accomplish without extensive experience. Gremlin Control has over ten years of experience installing fast and secure networks, no matter the size or business requirements.
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