An IT consultant Protect your business by controlling access to both physical and digital assets. We design customizable access systems that provide security and a seamless experience for multiple levels of employees. Build trust with clients and employees by automatically creating records of every entry or exit through any door. Eliminate any anxieties over key management with a keyless system that can instantly grant or revoke access. If desired, the system can be designed to be remotely accessible to give you flexibility in any situation. We can integrate access control into a security camera system to further track and control access. Book an appointment today and see how we can meet your access control needs.

Customize Physical

A lost key or an employee that forgot to turn in their key before they left the company is a constant unknown. Maybe you have employees, such as a janitor, that need full access but do not need that access 24 hours a day. Let us build a system that can instantly grant or revoke access and only during the times you choose.

Protect Digital

The digital sphere is where most customer information and company secrets are held. Protect these resources by only allowing employees with the need-to-know to have access to them. With role-based access, you can enforce a chain of accountability for your digital assets while still allowing a seamless experience at all levels of the company. Stay safe even when onboarding new employees; only give access that you are comfortable with.

Convenience and

Be as flexible as you need by specifically enabling or disabling remote access to your access control system. Instantly grant or revoke access to physical or digital assets for individual employees or entire job classes. Go keyless and tie access to biometrics! Create access expiration dates to coincide with the end of work contracts with third parties. Get a system that works the way you need it to.

Track and Record

Automatically record when each employee accesses any physical area or digital resource. By integrating an access control system with a camera system, you can see exactly how the access is being utilized. You can be alerted automatically right as unauthorized access is occurring and respond immediately.
Let Gremlin Control help you protect your company.