A man working on a business computer When it comes to technology innovations, you can’t expect to be successful in tomorrow’s business landscape using yesterday’s tools. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have the resources or cash-flow needed to keep up with constant technology changes.

Gremlin Control can assess your technology needs and help price affordable workstations for your business. Whether you need just one more computer or an entire office we got you covered.


Because we assemble them in shop, we can offer you the best price to quality ratio. Unlike Major retailers would have you believe, there is more to a computer then just the CPU and Hard Drive.

as Needed

As your organization grows and changes, so do your technology needs. We can upgrade individual computers and servers as you need to ensure that the tech stays relevant without the upfront cost of replacing the entire computer.


All computers bought from us come with Windows 10 Professional, Bitlocker, Trusted Platform Security as well as Bit-Defender Anti-Virus. If you need additional security needs we can be a key part of the solution.

Assembled in
the U.S.A

All workstations and servers we sell are business grade quality and tested in shop by a Certified Tech. We also assemble them right here in Buffalo, NY so if they break will be able fix it right away for you.
Find out what Gremlin Control's computer assessment means for you.