A church setting up to record the serviceWorship and Religious communities may be steeped in history and tradition, but in an increasingly tech driven world there’s no reason not to upgrade the Lord’s house too. Whether you want to stream services to Facebook, Youtube, or your own website, Gremlin Control can give you the professional HD Audio and Video quality you and your parishioners deserve.

No two churches or their situations are the same, which is why we offer customized solutions to fit your needs. We can upgrade individual old portions of your system or completely redesign your AV System from the ground up with Audio Mixing boards, Video Matrix, Motorized Projector screens, wall mounted displays, HD PTZ Streaming Camera’s ect.

All the Photos in this brochure are of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in North Tonawanda, NY. They were in desperate need of upgraded, modernized equipment and were gracious enough to give Gremlin Control a chance to do just that.


In the main sanctuary hall Gremlin Control installed two wall-mounted 85” displays to show announcements and to allow parishioners to follow along with passages and hymns. We also installed a ceiling-mounted BenQ water-cooled projector with an impressive 160” motorized projector screen. In the rest of the building we installed 5 additional displays ranging from 43” to 55” to show a live feed of the service stream with video and audio being sent over CAT6 cable.


Like most buildings today, the Lighthouse Baptist Church provides an open wifi network for their parishioners to use before and after services and during community events. To make sure that the network was up to the task of handling that and their new AV upgrades we installed 11 Netgear Wireless Access Points for coverage no matter where you go in the building.


To make sure Audio and Video feeds get to where they’re needed we installed a 48 channel Yamaha Audio mixing board with a 16 channel expansion card and an 8 channel Video Matrix to allow seamless transitions between multiple microphones, audio sources and video sources. To control the entire system we built a custom water-cooled PC with four 27” HD displays as a command center and developed a custom App on a tablet for control anywhere in the building. All of this tech makes for an unforgettable wow factor and unparalleled control.
Let Gremlin Control's modernize your church.