A business conference room Nearly every business eventually needs to outfit and utilize a conference room. This is especially true in today’s world due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. With an unprecedented number of employees working from home and travel restrictions limiting in-person meetings with clients, it can be far more difficult to effectively and efficiently communicate goals and keep in touch with staff and customers. That’s where we at Gremlin Control come in. No matter what your business does, we can customize and scale a solution for your company’s specific needs. We start with a wall-mounted display and HD camera for presentations and virtual meetings. Then we integrate a VOIP teleconferencing system and professional-grade in-ceiling speakers to ensure effective communication with crystal clear audio. We provide the ultimate integrated conferencing system, keeping your business a step ahead of the competition and leveraging the latest technology. All technology can be powered and coupled with a customized in-house built commercial-grade PC (with a 3-year warranty & at a more competitive cost than big box stores) or incorporated into a whole building Control System we design for you. Contact us to learn more about how we can serve you and get started designing your personalized solution.
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