An IT consultant We all have busy lives that pull us away from our homes and valuables. Not knowing the status of things that you pour so much time and resources into inevitably causes anxieties. Camera systems of the past would be relegated to simply recording events. Significant advancements have been made in security camera technology that have elevated camera systems to preemptive and pro-active management of threats. Establish intrusion areas that detect trespasses in specific areas within the camera’s view, instead of just detecting any motion. If the selected intrusion areas are breached, alerts can be customized to be sent to you via text or email. From the alert, you can remotely access your cameras from your smartphone to instantly see what’s happening and respond as necessary. Sifting through hours of recordings for a few 10-second clips can be simplified with a “highlight” generator that automatically picks out movement events for you.

Bolster the front-line defense of your home with a robust security camera system designed and installed by Gremlin Control.

Always Watching

Our Camera Systems provide 24/7 recording for 14+ Days or more no matter which system you get. This ensures no matter what happens you will see it, providing you and your family peace of mind.

Phone App &

Our systems come with a phone app that gives you the ability to quickly view any camera in real time. Our systems support email and phone notifications when alarms are triggered, giving you the same amount of time to react to critical problems as if you were at home.


We have completed hundreds of installations for homes around Western New York. Our experience translates directly into high quality installations that are done fast and on schedule. If we do encounter the unexpected - we know what to do to resolve it.

Night Mode &
Motion Detection

Network video recorders offer advance features like IR mode for night time and advance alarm capabilities such as line detection, motion detection, and Intrusion detection. 
Let Gremlin Control's experts secure your home.