An IT consultantHomeowners love the idea of the Movie Theater Friday Night in their own home theater. Designing and installing a system that delivers the perfect experience for your room can be overwhelming. Everything from the size of the room to the materials the floor and walls are made from impacts your system’s performance. Gremlin Control can save you stress and money by designing and installing a home theater system tailored to your needs. Don’t like seeing wires or freestanding speakers? We have you covered with in-wall wire and speaker installation. Expand your current system or fresh install a 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, or 11.2 audio system. If there is anything special you need in your home theater, we will work with you to make it happen.


The most important step in the process will map out all the places where the wiring needs to go before the drywall and carpeting go in. We will take the time to create a design plan to ensure the best audio and video quality for your room. 



Audio is often times the first thing homeowners neglect in a Home Theater Project, but is one of the most important aspects of the movie watching experience. Soundproofing your theater so you can listen to it louder, placing the speakers in the best position so you get the most out of your new 9.1 System will change an average theater to a great one.

4K Video?
TV or Projector

4K Video is the gold standard in today's homes, but to get it you need to use good quality cables and have equipment that can support 4K. Choosing between a TV or Projector can be a tough choice. If the screen needs to be under 80-inchs go with a TV. Anything larger than that will have a projector serving you best. 

Lighting & Room

Lighting gives a room that wow factor. When you turn the theater on and all the lights start to dim down, it immerses your audience with an authentic theater feel.
Let Gremlin Control's AV experts design the perfect theater system for you.