An IT consultantWi-Fi is critical to the average American home. In 2020, the average house had 12+ devices connected to the Wi-Fi at any given time. This is phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, Smart Devices etc. all using your Wi-Fi. As more devices are using the Wi-Fi it can begin to slow everyone else down. Wi-Fi 6 is optimized for concurrent users and provides greater coverage to ensure your home has no dead spots. 

• Best Wi-FI Speed – At highest speeds, support 70% more throughput than Wi-Fi 5
• Connect More Devices - optimized speed even in high density areas
• Improved Coverage
• Future-Proofing
• Compatibility
• Battery Efficiency
• Seamless Roaming
• Faster Backbone with 2.5G - Multigig networking and connectivity
• High Density IoT
• Safer Networks

Gremlin Control provides AV and IT consulting in Western New York and beyond to help you make the tough technology decisions. With over a decade of experience, we ask, listen, and guide you through your IT journey. Whether you’re looking to purchase new technology or wonder if your current technology is doing everything you need it to, we’ll provide industry knowledge to help you make the best decision.

Fastest Speeds

Wi-Fi 6 offers the best speeds available on the market and can be up to 70% faster then Wi-Fi 5. New Access Points support more bandwidth and can handle many more devices before they begin to throttle your bandwidth. 

No Deadzones

We map your house for Wi-Fi Coverage place the Wireless Access Points in the best locations to ensure your home has no Dead Zones. Seamless Roaming ensures that your devices will shift to the closest Access Point to get the best signal.

One Wi-Fi

Gremlin Control sets up a single Wi-Fi name for your network that will let your device choose 2.4G or 5G. No worrying about which network is the best for your device or having multiple names and passwords. 

Visually Appealing

Designed to be aesthetically attractive in locations where appearance matters (such as the Living Room), units can be wall or ceiling mounted and include indoor or outdoor models.
Let Gremlin Control's IT experts design and fortify your home Wi-Fi.