A hotel room with wifi Nearly everyone is traveling with internet capable technology, most often their phones. This fact alone drives a new set of demands from customers, but also new ways to serve them better and more efficiently. 72% of mobile professionals choose their hotel based on Wi-Fi-experience. Gremlin control can design, install, and manage your hotel Wi-Fi to ensure this critical tool is not only always working, but the best around. We create separate public and private networks to ensure that critical operations are unaffected by guest quantity. An easy way to cut down on labor costs and wait times for guests is to utilize automation and self-service. Gremlin Control can create a scheduling system to automate bookings. Enable your guest’s mobile devices to remote Check-In/Check-Out, offer upgrades/upsells, access their room, and more. We can build custom systems to fit any other needs you may have. Book an appointment today to see what we can do for you!
Let Gremlin Control manage your hotel experiences.