A lawyer working on a computer Law firms are incredibly competitive, and keeping your clients happy while keeping your costs low is difficult. You can’t afford to have sub-par technology, that only results in sub-par service.

We implement practice management systems, online research tools, private networks, unified communications, PCI compliance, customer relationship management, and more to meet the needs of your firm and your clients. Count on us for leading-edge technology and solutions that make you more efficient and productive. We also offer 24/7 monitoring, unlimited remote support, and give you the ability to reduce your overall operating costs.


Every day you receive a whirlwind of emails, so you need a system that’s well organized, easily accessible, and completely secure. Gremlin Control upgrades and optimizes your email application to ensure smooth, safe communication between you and your clients.

Network Security

We help you gain peace of mind by knowing your network and critical data are protected with state-of-the-art security, encryption, and data storage. We also offer essential backup and disaster recovery services to ensure your business is safe in any situation.


Your practice is susceptible to devastation when you don’t have the proper precautions and redundancies in place. With our legal IT support, you get complete data backup, replication, and recovery services at an affordable cost to ensure your business never goes down.


If you ever have a question or if a problem arises, you can reach out to our help desk support 24/7. Our experts will identify any technical requests or issues you encounter. Get a fast, efficient, and professional response to reach a solution every time.
Gremlin Control can help protect your legal practice and clients.