A hotel room with wifi Every retail business needs a Point of Sale (POS) system that does more than simply process transactions. It is necessary to be able to collect customer information, view live inventory stock across multiple stores, offer e-receipts, be remotely accessible, and provide advanced data security. All these things allow your business to operate as efficient as possible while providing critical analytics. These costs saving and revenue generating features can be further enhanced with a quality security camera system.

Much like POS systems, security cameras have evolved to encompass more than recording security videos. Security cameras can now provide advanced analytics from tracking retail traffic to auditing inventory transfers and sales across multiple locations. These analytics can help you develop your store design & layout, marketing strategies, track employee performance, and correct unsafe or inefficient store practices. This leads into the most obvious, but still critically important part of a security camera system: security!

According to a 2018 National Retail Security Survey, shoplifting accounts for 35.7% inventory shrinkage, while employee/internal theft accounts for 33.2%. Shrinkage costs retailers about 1.33% of sales on average. By installing a quality security camera system, you can decrease shrinkage up to 68.9%. Conversely, you can increase sales up to .91%! That may not sound like a lot, but a well-built security system can usually last 5-10 years before starting to become outdated or need replacements. Additionally, this can cut your loss prevention costs while enhancing your current loss prevention efforts.

Security cameras can provide security and save you money, but what do they do and how do they do it? A strategic installation of a camera system will allow you to record vulnerable areas of your store. You can mitigate or prevent internal/external theft by having cameras in key locations, such as behind the sales counters and loading docks. These cameras are all remotely accessible, are night-vison capable, provide security alerts, log unauthorized activity after business hours, and are able to be shared with law enforcement in real-time. Intrusion areas can be customized to each camera location to send alerts whenever an unauthorized area is entered. This is not simple motion detection, but customizable area scanning that will detect a person instead of a tree blowing in the wind. This system will also send alerts when a camera goes offline to help you minimize camera downtime.

All these things are easily scalable for deployment to new locations. Trust Gremlin Control to build your business a high-quality POS and security camera system that will stand the test of time.
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